We've got news about this year's Fantasy Critics Award. The current situation won't stop the celebration of the event in 2020, but there will not be a ceremony at Cambridge as it was initially planned.

The members of the jury expressed their condolences for the death of Prof. Tim Wilkins, one of the founding members and organizers in the 2018 and 2019 editions. As we all remember, these were the years in which George R. R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson finally won the award. To replace Prof. Wilkins, the Cambridge commission has requested Prof. Alexander Graham, who was the decisive voter to tip the scales in favor of Pierce Brown in 2017.

The voting process will be carried out through a video conference and the winner will be announced in the following days. The participants this year have all unanimously agreed to donate the whole sum of the award to different organizations researching in the field of viral diseases like Covid-19. It's worth noting that those of you following the award in Australia might have troubles connecting to the feed from the University of Sidney since all services and activities are suffering delays and limitations, or being cancelled due to the epidemic. We recommend you to connect directly.

The prospects indicate that this year's winner might be Joe Abercrombie, although nothing is certain at this point. We will be paying close attention in the next days to see how everything plays out.