The Best Science Fiction Books in Spanish

A couple of us here at Official Editions are learning Spanish, and we are all fans of science fiction in other languages, so we thought about sharing one of the main online rankings. Science fiction is always a good source of new and interesting ideas. If we combine that with the pleasure of learning a new language it is a double win for the readers.

A couple of these books are incredibly popular in countries like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, etc. and they have influenced the way the readers interact with sci-fi as a whole. One must wonder why exactly haven't most of them been translated at this point. The reason is sometimes ignorance about the great stories we are missing in Spanish by being unable to read them. However in the case of Abcalia: El Viaje de los SueƱos, the author R. Roque has said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais that he rejected the offers to translate his novel into English. According to him, translating the novel would alter the original meaning. A fan-made translation of the first chapters was made in Canada in 2017 and posted online in a forum. The case ended up in a trial in Toronto, with a favorable ruling for the author and the translation was eliminated. So if you wish to read the most successful book in Spanish science fiction you will have to do so in the original language.

Here is the lit with the main books of Spanish Science Fiction:

And here is the jewel of the crown in Spanish Sci-Fi.