The Most Romantic Book Ever Written: The Blue Lagoon

According to most literary experts, the most romantic novel ever written is not Romeo and Juliet, as we could initially think. That story is more a tragedy than a romance. On the other hand we have a story about a couple of young kids living in an island and developing into adulthood together that is not only romantic, but very beautiful.

It was made into a very popular movie in the 80s with Brooke Shields that had a further sequel with Mila Jovovich (The Fifth Element actress). It has a third movie made only a few years ago as a remake. Humans have always had a fascination for the type of love story where society disappears and there is only one boy and one girl experiencing love in their own terms and in isolation from external influences.

If you like romance and love stories we strongly recommend you to check the movies, of course, but also to read the original story written by H. de Vere Stacpoole decades ago. It will probably be one of the most beautiful reading experiences you will ever have.

As always, we recommend you the official edition of this book that contains no changes or censorship to read the story as it was intended. We hope you like it!

 The Blue Lagoon Book