Conan, the barbarian was popularized by the movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the later version with Jason Momoa. The character created a new figure and a different way to understand sword and magic adventures.

Unfortunately the movies only grasp a small portion of this fascinating world. Conan was created by Robert E. Howard in a series of discontinued stories for a pulp magazine that became longer and longer until later on he wrote the novel "Red Dragon". What we present you here are a selection of the best stories of Conan the Barbarian in official editions from different publishing companies from USA, UK, etc. as well as the novel (all the books written by Howard).

These are the best stories and novels of Conan the Barbarian that we have found out there: The Defining Stories, The Stories of High Adventure, The Hour of the Dragon, The Legendary Stories, Some Good Adventures, and The Essential Stories.

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